WORDSMITH: A Meeting of Jewelry and Literature

Spring 2014

Paper Darts Literary Magazine, curator Ann Tozer, and jeweler Stephanie Voegele  presented a collaborative exhibition exploring the connections between literature and art jewelry. We sought work from jewelers concerned with issues of text, literature and storytelling and writers who engage with ideas that surround jewelry, objects and the body. While displaying these two art forms together, our exhibition exposed where writers’ and jewelers' work meet.

A Meeting of Jewelry and Literature was held at Magers and Quinn Booksellers and showcased an accompanying publication by Paper Darts. The exhibition and opening coincided with the Society of North American Goldsmiths’ conference in Minneapolis April 23–26, 2014.


Leslie Boyd, Cortland Dewitt, Anne Fiala, Tarina Frank, Brice Garrett, Adrienne Grafton, Hannah Helton, Kathleen Janvier, Masumi Kataoka, Benjamin Lignel, Samantha Mitchell, Mary Hallam Pearse, Mallory Weston, Shuyu Wu, Renee Zettle-Sterling.

Just a peek: 


Alice Whittenburg, Martha Weber, Megan Miller, CoCo Owen, John Jodzio, Eric Vrooman, Maggie Ryan Sandford 

Ann Tozer, Stephanie Voegele, Meghan Murphy