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Stay tuned for Volume Seven, to be released in late 2017.

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A PDF version of Paper Darts Volume Six is available. Inside you’ll find nuanced identities that represent what it truly means to be a human—and, perhaps most vividly, a woman—in the world today.


We're fresh out of paper, but our digital darts are ready to fly. 

The literary magazine includes heartbreaking, hilarious, and heroic writing from the likes of Gretchen Marquette (May Day, Graywolf Press), Helen Ellis (American Housewife, Doubleday), Leesa Cross-Smith (Every Kiss a War, Mojave River Press), among many others. A small art zine attaches to the larger literary print product with a bright red rubber band. Beneath the cover of a hungry cougar lives the artwork of Swedish-born, London-based artist Sara Andreasson and the Iranian-born, Los Angeles-based Amir H. Fallah, and more. 


What the critics are saying so far:

“Vaginal.” —Virginia Woolf

“It’s lit.” —Audre Lorde

“Total garbage.” —Ernest Hemingway



Sara Andreasson / Alba Blazquez / Andrea Carlson / Chris Delorenzo / Amir H. Fallah / Angela Fraleigh / Harrison Freeman / Gel Jamlang / Caroline Kent / Greta Kotz / Kristen Liu-Wong / Erik Mark Sandberg / Christina Schmid / Tyler Spangler / Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

Maya Beck / Jane Blunschi / Brittany Bronson / Rachel Charlene Lewis / YZ Chin / Leesa Cross-Smith / David Drury / Helen Ellis / Leesa Fenderson / Libby Flores / Cherish Gibson / Naadeyah Haseeb / Michael Kleber-Diggs / Irna Landrum / Mariama J. Lockington / Gretchen Marquette / Alyssa O'Sullivan / Michael Sarabia / James Bernard Short / Jan Stinchcomb / Anatasia Valens / Lauren Yates / Jess Zimmerman

Jazzmyn Coker / Andres Guzman / Alex Fukui / Meghan Irwin / Allegra Lockstadt / Meghan Murphy /
Keit Osadchuk 

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