Hey, what gives? Why aren’t we open for subs yet?

Paper Darts believes in being an open and accessible journal to writers. We also believe you deserve a better response time when you send us your work. Our rock ‘n’ roll volunteer lifestyle has been hard to manage recently, and we still aren’t where we need to be to give you the best lit mag support we can.

So, our submissions are staying temporarily closed—we’re still catching our breath and catching up on reading, and we promise to update you once we have a sustainable reopen date in mind. Thank you for sticking with us! <3

Submit FAQ


Q: What kinds of submissions do you accept?

A: We currently publish fiction and nonfiction that is 1,000 words or less. If your piece is a little over, maybe by 250 words, we'll probably still read it. If your piece is much longer than that, we won't.


Q: Wait, you really don't publish poetry anymore?

A: We're just publishing flash prose online for now, but we'd love to have poetry in our next print edition, when the time comes. Same goes for longform prose.


Q: How do I submit to the print edition?

A: Oh, you'll know. Everything you submit to us online is automatically considered for print, but you'll know when we want stuff for print in particular if you follow us on Facebook/Twitter or sign up for our e-newsletter.


Q: Can I submit a chapter or excerpt from the book I'm working on, or a story that was already published somewhere else?

A: No, please and thank you.


Q: What pet peeves do you have when it comes to submissions?

A: How kind of you to ask! You might want to have a seat for this one:

Sexism, racism, other isms, shaming, pretty much any kind of ignorance, describing your erection in detail, writing about experiences that aren't yours, typewriter font, super crazy e.e. cummings-like formatting, swearing just to seem cool, characters abusing substances to make them seem cool, typos in the first sentence...and that’s just the short list.

If you mention your dead grandma, your writer’s block, your college love life, playgrounds, confused romantic feelings for your mom, or studying abroad, it better blow our minds. Heads up: these topics probably won't blow our minds.


Q: Whoa, okay. So what kinds of things are you looking for?

A: Innovative and entertaining storytelling, underrepresented voices (both in writers and in characters), inclusive feminism, accessibility, boundary-pushing and norm-challenging stories, sincerity but not necessarily honesty, cross-platform narratives, and whatever you’ve created that doesn’t already exist somewhere else (duh).

Yes, we know this list is shorter than our pet peeves. After six years in the game, we know what we want and we aren’t afraid to ask for it.


Q: All right, I think I'm ready to submit.

A: Finally! We've been waiting for you.