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Tamer of Octoladies / Co-founder / Editor-in-Chief

Meg Lionel Murphy

Meg's nights are spent at her drawing desk. Her days are divided between working as the creative director of Pollen and volunteering as editor-in-chief of Paper Darts.

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Managing Editor

Alyssa Bluhm

Alyssa cannot control her Virgo and has overwatered many plants to death because of it. She builds books from scratch by day and freelance edits by night. You'll find her in Minneapolis, never too far from chocolate cake.

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Illustration Coordinator / Senior Story Editor

Maya Beck

Maya wants to help Paper Darts grow in new directions by contributing an otherness influenced by speculative fiction, B-movies, and too much anime and manga. Maya is super interested in cosmopolitanism, world citizenship, and otherwise experiencing and celebrating the diversity of the world. Her central passion is in organizations that unite social justice and the arts and is drawn to Paper Darts for its love of the familiar weird. Maya studied studio art and philosophy and is fighting for a world where a love of bunnies and cat-eared hats is not seen as exclusive to a love of postmodernism and cultural criticism.


Social Media Coordinators

Marah Walker

Marah is a fierce lover of words, and spends her days and nights putting them together. Currently studying English at the University of Minnesota, Marah loves a good nonfiction story and, if at all possible, to read that story while eating some type of quesadilla. She is committed to creating the bizarre and wonderful in a way that is accessible to all readers.



Lizzy Shramko

Lizzy is a DJ, doula, writer, and avid feminist. She works with Paper Darts to expand "the literary" beyond stodgy old guard book publishing. She spearheads artistic partnerships with organizations from other disciplines and is committed to ensuring that Minneapolis art spaces are accessible and inclusive. And by night she dances to Mazarati.


Web Editors


Dannielle Bylund

Danielle Bylund is a writer, an editor, and the Author Engagement Director for Wise Ink Creative Publishing. She has a BA in English from Columbia University and a MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University. She is a military veteran who has previously worked as a designer, a cashier, a human resources associate, and a barista. She loves nothing more than demolishing traditional publishing paradigms, except for maybe her dog . . . or her husband.  



Andrea Nelson

Andrea Nelson is a writer, editor, and bookseller based in Minneapolis. She has a constant hankering for good storytelling and potato-based foods. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, searching for the perfect ice cream cone, and having one-sided conversations with her feline roommate.

Art + Design Editor

Jessica Eckerstorfer

Jessica Eckerstorfer is a dazzling mess of bike hair, feminism, and utter fury. She has BAs in English and philosophy from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and is currently working on her MFA at Columbia College Chicago. Her background is in arts nonprofit and accessibility work. And her head is a constant maze of voices and weaving theories, which she'll one day turn into dioramas.  TumblrInstagram


Blog Editor

Annemarie Eayers

Annemarie lives in Minneapolis, working for Coffee House Press and attempting to enter the Twin Cities' literary scene one awkward social function at a time. She graduated from Carleton College, where she discovered a love for poetry, Asian American literature, and buffalo chicken strips (sauce on the side). When not reading or writing, Annemarie can be found dancing or spending quality time with her cat.

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Story Editors


Jan Stinchcomb

Jan is a writer currently living in Southern California with her family. She is the author of numerous short stories and a novella, and her heart belongs to all that is dark, weird and feminist. She believes, at the end of the day, that art and literature can save the world.

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Tahoora Ismail

Tahoora is a Pakistani writer with a penchant for short fiction. She is set to graduate from Columbia University's MFA program this spring and is in a constant state of anxiety about the verdict on her recently submitted thesis. Her stories are mostly about young Pakistani women exerting their agency, and often not-agency, in both public and private spaces. When Tahoora is not ferociously shopping online or working on her below-average culinary skills, she is busy trying to become the next YouTube sensation. 


Sofie Harsha

Sofie is an amateur writer, musician, artist, comedienne, and screenwriter, but she says all the words after amateur as mostly jokes. For work, she teaches, and sometimes designs T-shirts for her family, pro bono. Her fiction is found in Paper Darts, The Adirondack Review, and Carve Magazine. Her work can be found at TheWorstMooseSofieWrites, and on YouTube. Beginning fall 2016, Sofie will be at University of North Carolina–Wilmington's MFA program for a three-year unpaid vacation graciously funded by a combination of Wells Fargo and the US government.

Lead Illustrators


Jeremiah Soup

Jeremiah Soup is a freelance illustrator, teaching artist, explorer, and human residing in Minneapolis. He is inspired by candid interactions, leafy things, interesting color pallets, cumulonimbus clouds, natural landscapes, and time spent people watching. His friends call him Jerm.

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Alex Fukui

Alex is a cartoonist currently residing in Minneapolis. When not illustrating for Paper Darts, he sometimes publishes comics, drawings and writing on his website, His poster work has been featured by the Trylon and his designs are used in educational and promotional materials for queer nonprofits.

Paper Darts Portfolio


Keit Osadchuk

Keit Osadchuk is a freelance illustrator in Minneapolis. She likes sketching portraits, style, and lettering using lots of black ink and feels ok about graphic design. Most of her work is influenced by runways of decades past, being in nature, being in the city, and her droll childhood in Russia.

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Along with Meghan MurphyJamie Millard and Regan Smith helped stitch Paper Darts into being from the very beginning, and continue to champion art + lit from afar.  

Literary Uncle / Mentor

John Jodzio

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