The robots we could become

Steve Castro


If my eyes were made out of light bulbs,

my electricity bill would be pretty high,

unless of course, all utilities were included

on my rent lease contract. My eyes would

also never turn red; they would just pop

and would have to be replaced whenever

the world would go dark. All of my

vending machine plastic sunglasses

would melt, and if I became a boxer,

my nickname would be either

"fragile" or "mister glass." I would

shatter all of the world records

for most eyeballs replaced in one lifetime.

I would watch Edward Scissorhands

and both envy his eyes and cry for his hands.

When I would cry, my tears would evaporate

before my very eyes, but I would learn to be

grateful because I would have been spared

fire for a tongue.   

Steve Castro was born in Costa Rica.  He lives in Washington, D.C.  Feel free to visit his website:

Illustration by Leigh Luna.

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