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The Double-Slit Experiment

The cloverfield monster calls a press conference to apologize for attacking Manhattan insensitively soon after 9/11. Monsters don't understand national tragedy or time. All a misunderstanding, he has since started a facebook page.

In early tests, only deep-sea welders and stenographers would get the handful of peppercorns. When repeated, peppercorns were taken by mongeese, certain birds and people partial to denim named Henry.

Be the first of your friends to like "Cloverfield Monster to host SNL." The longest friendship bracelet in the world is 49 feet. Leaving the maker, Carroll Jenkins of Bumblebee, AZ, lonely for giants.

After an appeal to Lorne Michaels, the cloverfield monster claims ignorance of geo-poltics. He admits his rampage was in poor taste then rawrs to a silent press, "Live from New York it's Saturday Night!"

In a double-slit experiment nobody gets the peppercorns.