Poetry: Truman Danz



walking into your room                        I find you

    the sun breaks
     the window     the nothing new

for the first time I'm embarrassed by your youth

I can't be lived in
like this
incessant    distance between
the reminding nights

and I want to say to the room all around me: tell me what to do        tell me how
this is better
        this is opening

how do you teach the lover not to nip at the heels?
I cannot catch you up



it’s all overwhelming me                                

buzzed up     and stuck     soft and warm like too much wine     this ricochet alley finds me behind your house     looking     for a trap door and bus fare back to the eastside     hot moon tonight in the smooth reflection of this rollercoaster evening     I don’t think my finding you here is important     bathed in caustic looks   you push my eyelids to blink     I can cough up these moments repeatedly

in your sweater pocket there is a small glance     self assured and assumed    

sweetheart mine     don’t fret     the trees fallen and filling my shelf don’t push you aside   don’t give you these heart-stop moments      the long blue feather in your hair like the center lines on roads I dreamed of crossing   breathe into my ear some soft moment and let me feel your warm   weather  





All rights reserved to Truman Danz

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