Poetry: Travis Brown



(see also: Goody Summers Dinger Dickey & Lee)

I wrote:                 how language spilled into us: or: over you:

                                alphabetical scum: dirt: baggage-sick: sick of

                                spelling: x & y: the love lots: of words: I

                                couldn’t even think: of sputum of youth of

                                ganged brothers: if cut up: in half: what

                                boiled in me: what in each was inside me:

                                what was: yolky: a smear: maybe hope

                                was: wicked: scrambling: what was: say it:

                                the past: by a nose: a whiff: of getting hit:

                                in a car: by red boxing: a glove: that old

                                darkness: the stairwell: take it to electric:

                                to piddle: to a pair of dank: a bed: a room:


They read:          prison if a baby fucks a baby: surprise: a

                               baby: a stone in everybody’s baby: baby

It was:                  carved: hard: Larry said: Larry: a dream: a

                               super hard fucking: no boner: all day

I saw:                     broken frames: eyeglasses every day: tape

                                holding those: babies: a nose: flaring: a

                                toad: a positive slope: the sine of what

                                shitty is: such a full one: a commode

Which read:        pussy: your dead

I replied:              wish on a summer: fucking geometry:

                               proofs: laterals: throw a punch or hum on

                               the bus: cheer up my dear chin up:

                               coughing: a basket a ball: dunk it: don’t

                               call me in the morning: in soft: in a lullaby

I asked:                 what was sleep impossible temporary: or:

                                how novel was family: is there only one

                                right answer: for a taste of: what: is this

                                tongue my milk its splatter some anger:

                                what was it came up pale: did you tear

                                open every broken locker: what slams:

                                how this thing is: why it’s over: why it’s


He said:                 who cares: who cares who cares: who: 

                                cares: who cares who: cares: who cares

All rights reserved to Travis Brown.

Illustrated by Meghan Murphy.

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