Poetry: Rule 9, Rule 14, and Rule 15


Rule 9

if snow is falling so slowly

it appears to be rising 

up into a streetlight

above the head of your beloved 

small stars born from you

lost in the light of something brighter 

pay attention

it could be the last time

that an element

of your environment 

acts as a perfect physical


of your emotional state

you’re flaking apart 

weightless upward

and into her light


Rule 14

do you know there are those

who would loose upon you arrows of rain

those if they could who would drop thin ribbons of it

in the distance to darken your mind

you who watches from shore

satan’s waitin’ they say

those who hold him close


if you need evidence

of our being infinite

consider the constellation of freckles

on your lovers arm

on the beach beside you

or your sand-flecked own 

tan as the Serengeti

your dog’s nose skin cracks 

like great salt flats 

his nostrils are perfect 

apostrophes and when he yawns

his palate you’ll see 

bears the same shapes

the darkened sand waves take

shifting below the waters

across the bed of Lake Superior


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