Poetry: Rule 4 and Rule 16


Rule 4

driving scenic 61

alongside Lake Superior

wrapped in weedsmoke

with your friends

is the quickest way

from Two Harbors

to Duluth

hands down

everyone knows this

but in the back seat

if Adria

tired and lost again

out the window

says that everything

seems to take so long

don’t agree

even if you do

just don’t

just keep driving

like you didn’t hear it

like the hole it opened

in the road behind you

wasn’t rising


and wobbly

turning your rearview mirror



Rule 16

the orange construction triangle

is the universal symbol

for Amish

for bad business decision

it’s mini golf

you should know these things

because when she’s gone

a pile of books will take her place

in bed beside you

and differences like the small ones

between cantaloupe and antelope

will keep you up at night

multiplication is the rich man’s


the trigger is a spade

with which soldiers dig our graves

a group of rising water is a wave

and if you really want to know something

about someone watch them

drink from a straw

you’ll need to remember this

nothing makes any sense

if you don’t let it


All rights reserved to Ryan Vine.

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