Kiss it better I said

about my head when you hurt it

two ways—once with some words,

once with a Frisbee.  Both

made me realize so much

that I’m my own lonely person.

Wouldn’t it be nice

if my problems & your plans

were somehow connected?

Even in summer.

Even when I’m a single point of light

standing still like a flower

& trying to catch.  On fire,

or only something colorful

flying.  I might have said

ouch but I meant something louder.

I meant there’s a blot

on this leaf that reminds it

about dying.  It’s the clouds

that deter you or that it’s July

& it seems like you should be

obviously in love when instead

you paint yourself like a tiger

& try not to kill what you trap.

The pictures you crave

aren’t narratives of light.


All rights reserved to Nate Pritts

Poetry: Jennifer H Fortin

Comics: Ainara Del Valle