Poetry: Michael Pate



momma drops you off the first day

other people screaming, crying, red eyes glitter the classroom

some other little shit calls you a shithead shithead hey shithead, whya cryin’ shithead.

(Why are you crying?)

i dunno because because (There is no because.)

shrug it off walk to the back of the classroom

and sit with a weirdo named jimmy

who smells like sweat and smoke and has snot on his shirt.

(Try again.)

meet she a girl in the back who isn’t crying who is drawing

drawing a boy and a girl under a black sky

(Why no rainbows?)

why no rainbows girl? why no rainbows?

cuz she says cuz there are none in this place

(In what place?)

All rights reserved to Michael Pate.

Illustrations by Max Mose

Lindsey Hutchinson

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