Poetry: Joe Donnelly

If you throw a trash party for gnats,

Expect a long weekend.

They will not get sick of the stench
Or OD on banana peels,
Nor will they throw up from all the mustard.

They’ll keep coming,
Annoying your girlfriend

And inviting their relatives,
Until you clean up your kitchen.


He’s always updating his status,

the old riverboat captain,
Bragging about making coin over fist,
Name dropping actresses and actors,

Posting about his daily difficulties,
Navigating the Acheron,
Bringing the dead across the river,

It gets old after a while,
I want to de-friend him,

But I’m too worried,
Since it will definitely come up,
While we cross the Acheron,


All rights reserved to Joe Donnelly.

Poetry: Ray Succre

Poetry: J.D. Schraffenberger