Poetry: Jennifer H Fortin

Excerpts from the manuscript, We Lack in Equipment & Control.


Finishing off tasks, food, but not films, we began together
Sometimes I’m just on February hoard vacation
Then I remember
If you return, might it be because you have no-
where else to land, a small plane lowered
onto the turnpike between cars
I can’t say I won’t turn to look like everyone else


We publish our crying on cruise lines, on trains, walking, driving because there are places to be &/or we can’t get off.

Shoulder-season departures occur just before or after the holidays; lower costs then. These departures are related to the rugburn on my shoulder. We can imagine how that got there.

On land you are able to hear the speaker turned on even in the absence of amplification. Noiseless noise, an object’s body language. Research suggests you should not expect the same onboard.

Gastrointestinal illness lampoons the all-inclusive deals, the gourmet meals & dazzle.

In the unpleasant event that you snore, which upsets February’s breadth: you will be encouraged to don a jock strap-like device around your jaw to support with silence your slumber’s athleticism. We aren’t interested in obstacles.



There are ten suns
in today’s forecast. I’d like
to see this happen, ten discrete
appeals. I’m not even on vacation.
Does the older one recede & to whose
pocket, or does the new one fit perfectly
on top, collateral. Moon should arrive all
at once, allegiance to tablature a fastidious
person bothered to diagram. What evening force
there’s no saying. It could be the score of a green fireball tear-
ing open the sky. Chaos & crowding are certain. It feels like no one save me
scrambles about the atmosphere. Maybe this is the smartest way to get ready for the end, as you are, calmly, bathing, inclination of what not to wear. We could be the first state
to criminalize lists titled Goodbye. Any word is very capable of being
safe, you only have to agree on it beforehand. I’ll pass on your lesson
& refrain from your sleeves. Yours then mine then yours. Owner-
ship iteration the learning of a foreign forever. Some mimicry is
necessary. That’s a thing people do, learn foreign forever.
They do necessary. Another thing they do is evolve in-
dependently into species. & touch columns with Wet
Paint signs. Make port stops in order to say I’ve
been, when they could simply say. Those you
prove the excursion to don’t care so much
as to form reconnaissance patrols. We
hope when we dispose of something
it enriches the environment.


All rights reserved to Jennifer H Fortin
Pompadour font can be found at Lost Type Co-op

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