Poetry: Dustin Luke Nelson


Harry Houdini

There are one hundred

and two synonyms

for camouflage. 

Katana is not one of them,

no matter what

you heard in a movie. 

Vase is an antonym

that must be used

as a verb more

often. Email is a virus

that we’ve become host

to. Jacob Marley accidentally

slipped in the snow

and became a cymbal.

Shaved heads are radio

beacons we internalize.

And there are thirty-

two factors to consider

before having a baby.


Michael Applebaum

I think I've decided

to only travel by train

going forward. And even

then mostly from New York

to Montreal in October.

The color of the trees

in those first weeks or the piecemeal

history of revolution

on the Hudson bear-hugging

the mountains with homemade

taffy. Trees, car parts

in lawns across northern New York

and an above-ground pool

in every backyard

north of the border.

                                   It satisfies

A's need for seasonally

appropriate behavior.


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