Poetry: Daniel Harris

   Dizzy                Test                                                  The Dizzy Gillespie Test



                                                                                    For a number of years now
I check to make sure                                                      I check to make sure it is still
                                                                                    gone. I hold my finger up to my
                        pray to look like                                     lips and blow. I pray to look like
      trumpet player                                                        that trumpet player with both
                                                                                      cheeks filling with air. I don’t
half a man                                    ever want to feel like half a man again.

      ironic                                                                      It is ironic that this affliction
share its name                                                     should share its name with a
                                                                                      ringing musical instrument.  If I
                                                                                    close both my eyes (now) I can
                   bells in my ears                                          still hear the bells in my ears
                   palsy days.                                                during those palsy days.


                              do a mean                                       I remember I could do a mean
Elvis                                                                             Elvis when I had it.  I had the
snarl                                                                            snarl down pat.  “Thank you,
                                                                                   thank you very much,” I would
growl                                                                           growl as I shook my hips like the
                                                                                   king.  It would get an expected
half-hearted                                                                  half-hearted laugh from my
                                                                                   concerned family and friends.

                 an eye patch.                                               I had to wear an eye patch.  You
see my left eye                                                              see my left eye needed protectionz
                          blink.                                                  from its inability to blink.  I was
                                                                                    a regular swashbuckling pirate.
                             face joked                                         The right side of my face joked,
                                                                                      mimicked, and laughed.  While
the left laid limp                                                            the left laid limp with an inability
tears                                                            to shed the tears that were
inside.                                                          welling up inside.

                  puff my cheeks                                            So, today I puff my cheeks and
                                                                                      close my eyes and make sure I

                       easy to forget                                         am complete.  It is easy to forget,
numb                                                                 get numb to, ailments that don’t
                                                                                      affect you personally.  But, once
lose part                                                          you lose part of yourself even for
                                                                                    a short time you always want to
whole                                             make sure that you are whole
again.                                                                           again.

All rights reserved to Daniel Harris.

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