Paper Darts Volume Five

Paper Darts Volume Five


Paper Darts’ fifth print magazine explores the darker corners of whimsy. Stories by Marcus Lund, Mark Jordan Manner, and Kirsty Logan bring to bay the unconventional but comforting natures of ourselves and our relationships, while poetry by Camille Rankine, Louisiana Lightsey, and Thomas Patrick Levy make us question those odd contentments. All of this is cradled by the lovely yet haunting artwork of Frohawk Two Feathers, Alexandra Levasseur, and Joe Siness. In large part, Volume Five is about how weird it is to be a human. Don’t you sometimes just sit and think, “What the hell are we?" So do we and so do our authors. Volume Five might not help us understand, but it’s going to make us not feel so alone in our weirdness.

ART: Alexandra Levasseur / Frohawk Two Feathers / Ryan Humphrey / Ayako / Motonaga / Noah Van Sciver / Jasio Stefanski / Allegra Lockstadt / Andres Guzman

WRITING: Kristina Born / Thomas Patrick Levy / Mark Jordan Manner / Alex Chambers / Marcus Lund / W. Todd Kaneko / Kristy Logan / Louisiana Lightsey / John Jodzio / Camille Rankine / Amanda Nadelberg / Ryan Bradford

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