PDF Download of Volume Six

PDF Download of Volume Six


Paper Darts Volume 6 is 64 pages of gorgeous blue ink on a delicious pink background, filled with nuanced identities that represent what it truly means to be a human—and above all, a woman—in the world today. Each story was picked because one or more of our editors is completely obsessed with it, and we can’t wait to share our obsessions with you too.

Here are what the critics are saying so far:

“Vaginal.” —Virginia Woolf

“It’s the lits.” —Audre Lorde

“Total garbage.” —Ernest Hemingway

ARTISTS: Sara Andreasson / Alba Blazquez / Andrea Carlson / Chris Delorenzo / Amir H. Fallah / Angela Fraleigh / Harrison Freeman / Gel Jamlang / Caroline Kent / Kristen Liu-Wong / Erik Mark Sandberg / Christina Schmid / Tyler Spangler / Rosemary Valero-O'Connell


WRITERS: Maya Beck / Jane Blunschi / Brittany Bronson / Rachel Charlene Lewis / YZ Chin / Leesa Cross-Smith / David Drury / Helen Ellis / Leesa Fenderson / Libby Flores / Cherish Gibson / Naadeyah Haseeb / Michael Kleber-Diggs / Irna Landrum / Mariama J. Lockington / Gretchen Marquette / Alyssa O'Sullivan / Michael Sarabia / James Bernard Short / Jan Stinchcomb / Anatasia Valens / Lauren Yates / Jess Zimmerman

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