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St. Patrick's Day

I walk up to the bar wearing skin-tight jeans and black converse. There’s a grey loop scarf draped around my front, hiding my neck. My face is rough, dotted red with razor cuts and flakes of stubble. My scarf feels heavy as the bus pulls away from the stop.

Hunter's Hands

There is a photograph your father used to keep in his wallet of you standing next to a dead deer. Or, I suppose, it wasn’t really simply dead as much as it was mutilated: gutted out and just a skin hanging upside down, swaying back and forth like a piñata. 

Fraternal, or Fraternized, Twins

We’d lived there a week before we realized she was two people. They came out into their yard together, in matching sundresses and hats. Our mother stood and wiped her gloves on her jeans. “Look boys,” she said. “You’re not the only set around here.”