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Protective Instinct

Arundhati moves across the country, east to west, after the Lyme. There aren’t any deer in California, someone buying pears tells her in the grocery store, and she passes that on to her teenage daughter and husband. She adds, I just want to be somewhere safe, and with how she survived for them, fought that infection once-nestled in her brain, who are they to argue?


The smell of the powder they release in a pouf on our faces starts the alchemy, my third favorite scent. While getting our makeup done, Dave and I usually talk about our kids. He was such a kind man and his priorities were clear. His family came first and fucking came second.

What An Asshole

You said, “I love scallops but not shrimp,” and I thought what an asshole; I must sleep with him. You wore a blue shirt and pants too tight and those stupid-ass shoes and I drooled, I ached.

Buy You

I found him at a pawn shop a while back, searching for a cheap hammer. He looked good on the outside. Shirt tucked into jeans with pocket flaps, hair like pipe cleaners, shoelaces tied too tightly. He bought the hammer for 59 cents. I said I’d be his girlfriend three weeks later. 

St. Patrick's Day

I walk up to the bar wearing skin-tight jeans and black converse. There’s a grey loop scarf draped around my front, hiding my neck. My face is rough, dotted red with razor cuts and flakes of stubble. My scarf feels heavy as the bus pulls away from the stop.

Natural Endowments

You are ten years old when you buy your first training bra. They come in 5-packs at the TJ Maxx, and your mother sighs when you plop it into the red basket. The bras are pink and decorated with flowers, something that would normally satisfy you, but the pink is just not the right shade. You buy them anyway and wear one to school on Monday.

The Bearded Lady

The Bearded Lady has dyed her beard blue and threaded it with pearls and tiny shells. Her hip sails out from behind a wisp of blue voile like the prow of a mahogany ship, and her heavy hair, clasped with silver, lifts almost imperceptibly in the wind.

How to Darn a Sock

The needle should be sharper than his tongue. Imagine your hand is a cat creeping under the covers for warmth, fingers whisker-tickling his toes before you strike. There. Pinning the biggest ragged nail to the biggest callused toe to the shred of trouser sock until he howls himself out of bed.

20 Tips for Your First Abortion

1. It does not matter if you were on birth control, if you forgot just this once, or if you didn’t think at all. It does not matter if it was your husband, your boyfriend, or someone who was really working those olive corduroy pants. You are pregnant. And you are the one that is freaking the fuck out. 

Blue Movie

Did you see that? That was the third nurse to go by. They’re rubbernecking, OK? They’re not used to seeing me with family. I get more visitors than most, but they’re all a certain type, you know. Well, maybe you don’t. You’re a sweet girl, I can tell

The Next Time I Die

Oh, yes, before even stepping inside, I knew this would be perfect. With some places, with some people, you can just tell. It’s like they’re sending out a message just to you, speaking right to a sparkling little girl inside your soul. 


There's a boy on fire on your front lawn.

You watch him burn from the open window of your second story apartment. He’s been there two nights now; there’s a little charred spot in the grass where he stands. You wonder if you should call the cops, the fire department, someone?

Unlosing Your Virginity

Start by renegotiating your definition of the word virgin, which is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a person who has not had sexual intercourse.” This definition does not leave much room for individual interpretation. You can reconcile the definition for your personal use by adding or omitting a few words here or there.

The Amber Room

It is striking in its finish, in the way it shines, in its ubiquitous reflection of the surrounding lights it appears incandescent. It was even more impressive some twenty years ago when it was still new, when it still smelled of lacquer and sawdust.

Pontus, Missouri

The diner was closed. The general store was open but empty. She tried the tavern—no luck, too early. There was little else to this little city. The church was, quite possibly, the most decrepit building she had ever seen, and the schoolhouse… Well.