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The Age of Biology

See the slug with the throbbing antenna. It climbs up a tall piece of grass, the tallest it can find. The slug’s weight is lopsided, one brown-green antenna throbbing red. It climbs and climbs, up towards the sun, its arch nemesis. It can feel itself drying out, its protective slime starting to stiffen. It cannot stop.

Where Are They Now

Cringer has forgotten what it’s like not to feel fear. His hair comes out in mossy tufts when I try to comfort him during rainstorms. His body shakes, as it has since he was a kitten, but now his brittle bones are likely to fracture if I don’t calm him. My hands tremble now too.

This Is What It's Like to Die

The air turned quick. You might think it’s stupid to ride a hog in the pitch black night air of the mountains, and you’re probably right, but we don’t ride because that’s the easy way. You can smell it before it comes: ozone, crisp and clean.

(Not a) Poem Addressing How Harmony Discovers Poetry

I am the fiction fellow at Emory University, where the other faculty are famous and older than me and do not typically want to hang out. I have found myself attending numerous poetry readings this semester, because some guy named Bruce Covey puts on a “What’s New in Poetry?” reading series in the campus bookstore, which is a fucking Barnes & Noble.