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Show Goat

The woman and her husband have been thinking of adopting a goat. He’s uncertain, worries the goat will make a mess, eat things that aren’t disposable, get into things, or leave droppings that they’ll step in.

Wild Goats

Wild goats are not so easy to get along with. They are attractive, but these goats are not what Crim expected. It’s not that they don’t believe or understand the way she is a goat. They do. She knows they do.

Dear Nonexistent Children

You are so lucky you do not exist. If you did, I would raise you as such:

You would be identical twins and live in the basement, a well lit place full of board games, crossword puzzles, and boxes of varied sizes for you to hide in, pretending you are astronauts and superheroes and zoo animals. Only one of you would be allowed to leave at a time. You would be the same person.