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Adult Daughters of Hybrid Murderesses

We’re all ashamed of our mothers in this place. Mine’s the one chomping on fresh crickets, which isn’t nearly as bad as the things she did when I was in middle school, like tearing the wings off Lauren Fontaine’s yellow swallowtail costume at the science fair.

Notes from the W. Forest

SUBJECT C spends the first morning of observation gathering a collection of caterpillars in a cooking pot. They move stickily through the leftovers from the subjects’ breakfast meal, oatmeal and sugar dinosaur eggs that C prepared from two brown pouches.


When my wife and I separated, we decided to split the dog half-n-half. Lengthwise, so each of us could enjoy at least half his little face, and have only half as much shit to deal with.

Hunter's Hands

There is a photograph your father used to keep in his wallet of you standing next to a dead deer. Or, I suppose, it wasn’t really simply dead as much as it was mutilated: gutted out and just a skin hanging upside down, swaying back and forth like a piñata.