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The Stockings

TW — Descriptions of Self-harm — I am writing to you because for so long I didn’t have a name for what transpired between us that night. You have a wife now. And a child. I am a sign you pass on the highway.

True Stories Never Satisfy

A woman broke up with her boyfriend. Then she went on a few dates using a popular website but nothing worked out. Her parents encouraged her to get out of the city, spend a weekend at the family cabin upstate even though it was out of season.

My Noise Will Keep the Record

My home is a witch's lung or a giant’s heart. Puckered cracks of plaster snake up the walls from a half-­century-­old renovation. It palpitates from the constant drum the interstate highway just beyond a courtesy swamp once planted, then neglected, as a sort of apology for the highway. The swamp thrives, reclaims detritus for the realm of bio­organisms, while I am increasingly cybertronic.

The Inventors

Finally we got the jetpack. “What took so long?” we shouted. “You senseless dolts! Is this the future or not?” We’d been shouting disparagingly at the inventors for years, long enough that it now came reflexively to us.

Nothing But Monsters

I was passing through Fort Dick with a truckload of swine for slaughter, when I made a stop at a roadside diner, Lou’s Steak Shack or something. It wasn’t that long since quarantine, and I was still savoring every last breath of open air, like sea in those parts, settling on the skin.

Pierre the Cab Driver

I was eighteen—drunk, high, and heartbroken—when Pierre the cab driver kidnapped me. It started out as good cab-passenger conversation, talking about Ghana and God, telling him I am majoring in psychology, never bringing up my Judaism.

Visitor, Transistor

I’ve worked at the video store for three months, and I know all of the customers already because everyone is a regular. If you aren’t a regular, you don’t come here. You go to Blockbuster and rent Blu-rays or DVDs. Only regulars still rent VHS.

When first PERFECT_DOG is arrived at your Home, speak in loud clear Voice to command which areas are Forbidden and which are Not with phrases “Yes” and “No.” PERFECT_DOG will sound Once after each such Command. This is Acceptable and Normal. Forbidden areas are Owner-defined but Must include all areas containing hazardous Materials. Under no Circumstances allow PERFECT_DOG to come into Contact with Contaminated Water or Power Tools. This is Forbidden.

Everyone in Coaxial has a video camera, held out in front of them, as they go about their daily business (and it’s comforting for a tourist to blend in so easily here). Your waiter will point to his camera as he takes your order. He wants you to look into the lens, not at him, and he will not take your order until you comply. In Coaxial, everything is for the camera.