Northern Spark 2012


Captured Dreams

June 9-10

Paper Darts and the Loft hosted a night to make dreams unreal. We ignored our friends who complain when we talk about our dreams, and instead reveled in the notion that the world at large wanted to read about the fantastic things deep inside the mysterious heads of our audience.


Voice of the Dream

Time: 9 pm – 1 am 

Over the course of the night, a selected group of poets, storytellers, and performers recited works from the field of dreams―both private and practical, both their own and the creations of others―to help participants prep their minds for a trip to the astral plane. 

Scribe of the Dream

Time: 9 pm – 5:30 am 

Blank tablets were at the ready to be filled with Kafkaesque experiences and anecdotal advice for navigating the nonphysical realms visited during sleep. Some eventgoers took micronaps and used the dream interpretation stations to help divine where their dreams took them. 

Record of the Dream

Time: 9 pm – 5:30 am 

Paper Darts set up a workstation in the commons at the Loft. We committed to translating dream writing into one cohesive magazine that captured the events of the evening in its pages.