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It's finally happening! Ebooks are being used in a way that actually points toward their true potential! 

Last winter, I blogged about my iPad aquisition, and my first experience reading an ebook; I was a little disappointed sure. However I see now that I was jumping the gun and focusing on the wrong things.

Ebooks weren't created simply to help nerds carry around many books at a time via one slim, über functional device. Heck no. That's just something that Kindle and Barnes & Noble are cashing in on for a hot minute with their little machines. Ebooks represent something else: a (perhaps unholy) hybrid between text and interaction. This is going to sound totally reactionary, and perhaps a little insane, but bear with me okay? Books may rarely be just books ever again. Is that overly dramatic?

Hang on, let me go back for a second.

Last week I came across this article about ex-Pixar animator William Joyce's new book The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, produced in conjunction with Moonbot Studios.