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Two reviewers take on one book and deliver their thoughts on the latest novel by the acclaimed author Sam Savage.  

The Cry of the Sloth
, by Sam Savage (Coffee House Press)

Review By Allie Riley

I’ve been thinking about fractals a lot. It started while leaning over in a friend’s garden, munching on the tops of brussels sprouts with dirt on my knees and pondering their infinite broccoli and asparagus-flavored folds. If brussels sprouts, sea shells, wood rings, triangles—what have you, are constantly repeating themselves, does the human mind and writer do the same thing? Answer: Only if they’ve been driven batty.

* * *

Sam Savage’s The Cry of the Sloth impressively portrays the battiest side of writing, editing, loving, perving, and being through the tightly wound mind of Andrew Whittaker.