All tagged Paper Darts Volume Four Launch Party

Last night, you local art and lit fans came out en masse to occupy Icehouse and celebrate Paper Darts Volume Four. It was beautiful and wonderful and rad and exhausting and writing smartly and competently is not a facility that has returned to me yet. But this much I can say: thank you, thank you, thank you. Paper Darts is what it is because we have the best community in the galaxy, online and offline. We are what we are not only because we're obsessive compulsive crazy people who have no concept of free time—we are what we are because we have a support network like no other.

In case you missed it, or in case you want to relive it through our eyes, here's how the event went down exactly. 

Dykes Do Drag took the stage and we were all:

Then we took the stage and we were all:

Then Peter Bognanni read “Sky Lift” with Dylan Hicks’ musical accompaniment and we were all:

Then Eric Vrooman shook the dust off his amazing story “The Shed” and we were all:

Then Dylan Hicks calmly stood up from his keyboard and read “S’more Trees” and we were all:

Then we took an intermission and we were all: