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Chastity Brown’s robustly-rooted songs have an irresistible audible nearness, and a striking candor I imagine many musicians aspire to but rarely achieve. Whether she is backed by drums, harmonica, or saxophone her voice pours over her guitar with a deep honesty inspired by harsh truths she has lived through and studied throughout her young life. Chastity turns truths into beautiful stories we must believe in and listen to carefully; stories of her past echo the solid, happy groove, tinged with tiny bits of sadness, and land a firm grip upon what’s important in life.

I meet Chastity at a south Minneapolis pub on a busy Saturday evening to discuss exactly where she is now with her music, and how she has evolved into the musician she is today, a singer who is one of Minneapolis’ most promising young artists. Chastity moved to Minneapolis five years ago at the age of 22, but she hails from Tennessee, where her stepfather worked at the Goodyear tire plant in Union City, two hours north of Memphis.

Lovely. That is the perfect word to describe the voice and demeanor of Anna Sacks. The California native found her quiet, sultry voice while working in the Midwest. Here she talks about how building a community of artists was integral to fostering her confidence as a singer-songwriter.  Though sweet and light, Anna Sacks’ music has a powerful resonance and so do her answers to our questions about her evolution as a musician.