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“How do I describe my job to people? I make the most of every day. I don’t have just one job. Do I really list off all of them? Does anyone care?  I’m involved with many organizations, so I don’t have as much free time as I’d like to.”

What does Lauren Koehne do with her free time? Lauren works. At 22, Lauren has already started her own fashion line. She is completely self-sufficient with no less than 5 part-time jobs to support herself and the growth of her line, Flower Child Apparel.  

Any young clothing designer can put their sewn garments onto a skinny model and send them down a hallway to strut; but Lauren has not stopped there. She promotes her clothes along side of a distinct vision: Flower Child Apparel offers responsibly made clothing of perfect construction with a bit of a bite. Her world is not one of glamour or disillusionment and neither are her designs. Her clothing is comfortable, affordable, and unique—a mix of “fairytale and raw edge.” The line is a direct extension of the creator, and Lauren is looking to clothe like-minded individuals. Her philosophy is one of hopeful realism and harks from the era that inspired the name of her label. More hippie than hipster and certainly more realistic than her peers, Lauren Koehne has every reason to remain hopeful that her hard work will pay off.