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// Interview by Matt Beachey 


Jerry Belich is something of a Renaissance man. He’s a longtime passion programmer who works at Clockwork Agency but always makes time for a plethora creative side projects. He’s spent the last few months mixing his technical and creative impulses, and the result is the Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix, a homemade arcade-style choose-your-own-adventure game, complete with a quarter slot and a thermal printer readout of the story you experience. The Choosatron will be available to play at the Volume 4 launch party, so bring your quarters and your wits.

We shot Jerry a few questions about his electronic tinkerings and his propensity for working on a variety of disparate projects at once.


PAPER DARTS: What got you interested in choose-your-own-adventure? Did you read a lot of choose your own adventure as a kid, or was the draw more in the technological creative challenge?

JERRY BELICH:Both really. I loved Choose Your Own Adventures as a kid. They weren't all that brand, but as with Kleenex it's pretty synonymous with interactive fiction. Anyway, two favorites of mine were The Forbidden Towers by Carol Gaskin and Adventure in the Lost World by R. W. Stroh. I went through each of them again before writing this to see if they had held up over the score of years since I last read them, and as a testament to my hopefully good taste, they really do!