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So, how do you feel about robots?

This post wasn’t meant to have a theme. As it turns out, robots are central to a lot of charming games, and I believe cartoon robot rights are greatly overlooked in this day and age. It needs to be brought to your attention. That said, welcome back to Holly’s superficial roundup of pretty indie games.


Little Wheel

Little Wheel is a point-and-click adventure game by OneClickDog. Play it here for free.

The setting is a city of living robots forced into a 10,000-year sleep after an—uh—incident with the central generator. A lucky lightning strike wakes one of the little denizens and gives him just enough energy to find his way to the generator and reactivate it.

Little Wheel is a golden game full of silhouettes and smooth jazz, and stumbling upon it was a real delight. While it is gorgeous (I mean it!), Little Wheel is almost too easy. It takes next to no trial and error to figure out where to click and when. Sometimes, however, playing games built to showcase how cinematic they are rather than to frustrate is a welcome break. Little Wheel is a perfect example of this.