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Beer + Art + Bikes = Fun

The "poster party for bike people" called ARTCRANK has a simple premise: make it easy to cram craft beers, bikes, and upwards of 40 affordable, yet carefully handmade posters (designed exclusively by local artists) into one pleasant evening. You can check it all out this weekend in Minneapolis. But what's more, it doesn't particularly matter how much you ride, or if you ride at all.


Last Sunday, I found myself at Art Basel Miami on whim. Here are a few highlights…



D'Amelio Gallery

Tamar Halpern

Drawings by the Black Mascara Snake (Detail)


Ultrachrome ink on paper 

See piece shown at Art Basel.  

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Marc Quinn

Life Breathes the Breath (In)


Orbital-sanded and flap wheeled lacquered bronze, 109kg

Kewenig Galerie

Sandra Vásquez de la Horra

L: La Hélice con la Souvenir  //  R: El Castigo




John Miller

L: Project #1  //  R: Project #7 


Mai Thu-Perret

 L: The Crack-Up IX  //  R: The Crack-Up XI

Acrylic on carpet mounted on board

Every time I’m ready to take a break from beating the gif art drum, I peer in my bookmarks and see a dozen more superstars waiting to be adored by you. Can’t stop won’t stop and all that.

The alien:
Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner is an illustrator who kicks ass at drawing cute creatures—humanoid but often not human—and bringing them to life as animations. If you spend a bit of some time on his Tumblr, you’ll grow close to his odd creations, then suffer disappointment when you find out how many of them come from his abandoned short film concepts.

The fashionista:
Tara Dougans

Fashion illustrations have been flooding my preferred blogs lately, and I couldn’t be more pleased. In particular, the work of Tara Dougans really stood out. Its not only marvelous—it moves. She takes already-bizarre men’s fashion and makes it somehow even more hypnotizing, and that’s a serious task.


It’s that time again—gif art time! Join me as I continue a long, two-blog tradition of exploring the ups and downs and secret pleasures of gif artists—this time, in monochrome.

The monstrous:

Yuriy Mironoff (AKA MiRon) is an artist/illustrator/animator/virtuoso from Kiev. His gifs use the stereoscopic effect to the fullest, breathing life into his detailed creatures in very few frames. His knack for pattern gives his illustrations a carved, totem-like effect, further blurring the line between 2D illutration and 3D object.

MiRon’s chunky black art against a stark white background uses the Tumblr platform to its fullest, showing off his work in a way others can’t. —The Daily Dot