Music: Crimes

Originally a solo project inspired by the seedy lives of fictional criminals, frontman Andrew Jansen and his Minneapolis band Crimes—comprised of Luke Friedrich, Hannah Fraiser, and Reese Hagy— are now a fully-fledged, semi-psychedelic foursome. Their jangly, dark songs sound like something you’d hear echoing down a shady alleyway in the wee hours. Excellent music to scare yourself shitless with while exploring the city at night. 

The themes of vice and depravity pervade the band on all levels, from their name, to their lyrical content, to their darkly alluring and mysterious sound. Give a listen to these featured tracks then head over to their website to buy their new album, Good Hope.

Also make sure to check out their amazing answers to our Five Pressing Questions, which they turned in to a perfect interview with the band opportunity.


Track 1: Afraid


Track 2: Bathe


Track 3: Drifting Funeral

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