Culture: The Dearest

California native Anna Sacks' music career took off after a fateful visit to the Steel Bridge Song Festival in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in 2006. There she met singer-songwriter Adam Mackintosh, another California native who was visiting for the annual music festival. Anna moved to Sturgeon Bay six weeks later, and a year after that she went in with 14 other investors to purchase the Holiday Music Hotel. After 3 years managing the hotel and collaborating with hundreds of artists Anna moved back to California, where she and Mackintosh formed The Dearest. They have been making sweet tunes under the name ever since.

For more information on Anna, Adam, and The Dearest, r
ead our full-length interview with Anna from 2009. You can download the song "Undone" for free at THE DEAREST WEBSITE.


Photography by Erika Seress

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