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Neon + Pattern + Illustration + Sloppy handwriting

A few beautiful book covers from 2012.


So pretty


This cover is pink. It is illustrated. It uses a big old font.
This cover was made for Paper Darts.


You'd hold this in public just to be seen holding it in public.



The designer Charlotte Strick gets Amelia Gray.
The cover is not only gorgeous, it perfectly evokes the tone of the story.



This cover is certainly beautiful. But isn't it deliciously creepy when you remember that the construction paper pattern hints at the novel's sea of lethal children?


Designers of 2013, please take note:
We need more action, texture, bright colors, and illustration. Thanks, Oliver Munday.



Jason Booher
is a god. 


Thank you, Graywolf Press.
Thank you for bringing the world a cover fit for Mr. D.A. Powell.


Those little lobsters! 


 Oh, Petra Borner. You did it.


Not just a pretty face

…real pretty on the inside too.



Racket managed to give this cookbook a masculine edge while keeping the gritty collage aesthetic fresh.


This photography book makes you wait for the goods.
The smart little handwritten title carries the energy of the entire book.



Don't let the simplicity of this design fool you. The illustration underscores the childlike wonder that surrounds the legends of New York City, though the design also feels sophisticated and polished.
Chris Silas Neal knocked it out of the park. Central Park.


This book is absolutely stunning. Well done, Glyn DillonWhat more can I say? The book is about "a young woman's struggle with love, life, and murderous thoughts.” Well, that.

I'd love to see an illustrated cover of this caliber on the face of a novel. Maybe in 2013.



Few books had me more excited than this illustrated children's book, Virginia Wolf.

Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault are my heroes.


Last Sunday, I found myself at Art Basel Miami on whim. Here are a few highlights…



D'Amelio Gallery

Tamar Halpern

Drawings by the Black Mascara Snake (Detail)


Ultrachrome ink on paper 

See piece shown at Art Basel.  

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Marc Quinn

Life Breathes the Breath (In)


Orbital-sanded and flap wheeled lacquered bronze, 109kg

Kewenig Galerie

Sandra Vásquez de la Horra

L: La Hélice con la Souvenir  //  R: El Castigo




John Miller

L: Project #1  //  R: Project #7 


Mai Thu-Perret

 L: The Crack-Up IX  //  R: The Crack-Up XI

Acrylic on carpet mounted on board

After compiling my last roundup of beautiful bookcases, the lovely Miss. Katie commented that she would "give up every room but a kitchen and bathroom to have a library. Seriously. Or you could have a library that was IN the bathroom and kitchen..." I couldn't agree more. Her passion sent me back out into the wilderness of the internet to find even more stacks to lust over.







In the very near future, Paper Darts will celebrate its second year of life. Yes, the big TWO-POINT-O! In literary magazine years, that is like... 200 years old. We plan to party it up by revamping our logo. We're pretty cool that way. Wait. Does Paper Darts even have a logo? Sort of. The sextopus lady*, remember? Perhaps you've seen her floating around our twitter account. Tune in mid-summer to see what our design team comes up with. But for now, eat up this list of delicious logos we love to love.


I am moving. So, lately I have sheepishly been buried several posts deep into interior design blogs. This makes me an expert, right? I think so. And that is why I bring you a second post filled with colorful interiors for you to love and lust over. Lusting over the interior spaces of others has always been a favorite pastime of mine. My wandering mind likes to fill in the blanks. Who lives there? Did they create the space themselves? Would I live there? And, as a designer, the biggest question I have for the space is... how can I steal that color scheme? For round 2 of Color Me Inspired, my focus is the ever beautiful bookcase.


Paper Darts loves Minneapolis. Do you?

Our analytics tell us we get visitors to this site from around the globe. Hi South Korea! Hi Iran! Hi Nigeria! I'd like to introduce you to a few of our favorite things about Minneapolis.

Reasons to Minneapolis* [PART I]

*St. Paul, I guess this applies to you too.


 Print is still Alive in Minneapolis. It says so on the side of the Shapco Printers building. For art book publishers and literary magazines still printing inside the good ol' US of A, this is the go-to printer for outside the book beauty.