PAPERCUTZ Volume 3: The Literary Mix

As someone deeply interested in the interconnectivity of all art forms, I love the sometimes unspeakable ways that literature and music can play off each other. In this mix, I try to pair poems, collections of poetry, and novels (some contemporary, some dated) with songs that can complement and enlarge their themes.

What You've Missed in Simon Jacobs' Exclusive Series: MASTERWORKS

Simon Jacobs had an idea for a recurring series: flash fiction pieces in which the characters reenact famous works of art. Being a home for art and lit to meet and clash and mix, Paper Darts couldn't say no.

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On Fantasies

My approach to race was cribbed from Diana Wynne Jones: you never need to state race, but you can hint at it. Give them olive complexions or wooly hair, a mix of physical descriptions. Readers can be lazy and skim it, or readers can be perceptive and see for themselves. The reader doesn’t always need to know, but you do.

Announcing Paper Darts 3.0

Earlier this year, our octolady let her laptop battery run dry and went on walkabout to re-learn how to keep lit alive. While she was away, she grew some arms and took up archery to survive in the lit mag wilderness. Today, she's back and ready to sling some arrows dipped in the most potent art and lit in her quiver.  (Insert Hunger Games joke here.)

Re: Our Contest Tweet Campaign

To all our writerly Twitter friends: We’re sorry. While a number of people seemed to enjoy being cajoled into submitting to our short fiction contest, there is a very important bunch who did not. And to you we offer our most sincere apologies.

AWP or Bust!

Apologies. I brought no camera, took no notes, and only soaked it in the event with no documentation, naked. The Loft has a Youtube, and hopefully you’ll be able to watch or relive the event. The waiting lines wound from the room entrance to the stairs, 2 hours early. There were camera and press and two packed overflow rooms. Maybe you’d prefer watching from home.

The Strange, Feminist and Beautiful: Our AWP (Offsite) Event Roundup

Prince! Poetry! Oh my! The events at this year’s AWP are anything but the typical dry literary readings from your English major days in college. By now, you’ve probably had several lists of AWP events people are excited about thrust in your face or passively posted to your Twitter feed. The monotony is over! Here are our picks of AWP events tailored to our feminist friends—or for anyone who celebrates the weird and visionary in the world of literature.

Amoratorium is ready for the world

Over past few months, Paper Darts has been hammering away at molten poetry, music, and lyrics in collaboration with Brian Laidlaw to forge something that was wholly greater than its parts. Emerging from the darkest days of winter, our baby is finally ready to be unveiled.

Sitspo Week: Recommended Reading

Hey, look at that! It's January and it's cold outside. Love it or hate it, the cold is a perfect reason to snuggle up on your couch, squish your blanket and maybe a cat, and let this literature warm the cockles of your heart.

Gluttony Week: Recommended Reading

Tis the season to get your om nom on. Whether you're reheating Thanksgiving leftovers or planning what to cook for your upcoming holiday party, you've got food on the brain and (hopefully) in your tummy. Here's some food-focused literature to snack on between meals.