Pretty, Pretty Printed things

Pretty, Pretty Printed things

Meghan Murphy

Paper Darts will soon release its first print product in three years. Yes, Paper Darts Volume Six is on the way. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!


To train for this moment, we've been running up and down the digital stairs of Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. We've sucked in all the design porn we possibly can. We've also littered our apartments with the most artful magazines and zines around, hoping their sophistication and beauty might rub off on us a bit. You'll find thirteen of those real, live magazines here—thirteen pretty printed things for you to buy, read, and love on. And why not buy a few? At least let your coffee table bask in their glory. We guarantee your Tinder dates (at least, the right kind of Tinder dates) will be very impressed. 

1. Everything that Tiny Splendor supports

Tiny Splendor is a collective publishing press running out of Berkeley and Los Angeles, California. It was founded for two simple reasons: to share the artwork of their friends and to obsess over their love of ink on paper. We love their love. 

Featured above: MONSTERITUS

Unusual (beautiful) stories, articles, and drawings

Buy it here.

2. Bad Day

Bad Day is a biannual arts and culture magazine that features direct dialogues with an international community of creatives working in all mediums. Interesting people chat about their routines, perspectives, and working practices. Buy it here

3. Welcome to the Jungle 

Imagine if LinkedIn were redesigned by the clothing designer Pucci: that's Welcome to the Jungle. The French magazine contains stories and advice for young people seeking employment. With pages this beautiful, looking for work might not seem so scary. Are you unemployed? Do you speak French? Great! Buy it here

Violaine & Jeremy are design gods.

4. The Gentlewoman

Maybe we just want to be Zadie Smith. No, we just want to live between the pages of this gorgeous magazine forever and ever. The Gentlewoman is clean, substantial, beautiful, and perfectly curated. Buy it here

5. Other Worlds

Other Worlds is a zine of queer visions of the future. It's mission statement is as gorgeous as their graphic design: "These visions are utopian and dystopian, exploring mystic realities, dream worlds, and future worlds that look something like our own. Other Worlds Zine investigates possibility using comics, drawings, and text by queer artists." Buy it here. 


6. The White Review Magazine

Sadly, literary magazines are not known for their design. But the White Review is one class act. This rag is fancy. And totally worthy of showing off on your shelf. Come for the pretty cover, stay for the George Saunders interview. Buy it here

7. Mousse

Mousse keeps tabs on international trends in contemporary culture around the world. Publishing five issues a year on contemporary art, the magazine is printed as a newspaper and bound as a magazine. Absolutely gorgeous. Buy it here.

8. Gratuitous Type

Gratuitous Type is "an occasional pamphlet of typographic smut." The magazine celebrates typography and design from around the world. Buy it here.

9. The Great Discontent

Interviews, interviews, interviews. And pretty, pretty pictures too. The Great Discontent acts as a vending machine for interesting humans. (If you never touch a printed page, still make sure to find online interviews with Adam Garcia, Roxane Gay, and Dessa.) Buy it here.

10. Horizontal Press

Horizontal Press is a small pornographic press based in Brooklyn, New York. So pervy! So pretty! We want them all. Horizontal Press is the creation of, and is operated by, Kaye Blegva. Buy it here.

11. Timothy Mcsweeney's Quarterly Concern

Because it's goddamned beautiful, and you already know that. Buy it here.  

12. Greenroom Magazine

Fellow Minneapolis-based, grassroots publication, Green Room is a force to be reckoned with. Their talented staff creates content and community by curating coverage of music, wellness, and goodness. The magazine boasts a pitch perfect aesthetic to boot. Buy it here.

13. Penny Zine

If you are reading this, we know you love illustrated fiction for adults. Obviously, so do we. So does Penny magazine. This is our sister from another mister. And they make illustrated prose look real good. Buy it here. 

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Meghan Murphy is an illustrator, designer, and editor. Her mornings belong to her drawing desk. Her days belong to Pollen. Her nights belong to Paper Darts, where she is the editor-in-chief and lead designer. 

Introducing Paper Darts Volume Six

Introducing Paper Darts Volume Six

MASTERWORKS: Christ Stilleth the Tempest

MASTERWORKS: Christ Stilleth the Tempest