9 E-newsletters for the Lazy Lit News Gatherer

9 E-newsletters for the Lazy Lit News Gatherer


Email is making a comeback. Or maybe it’s just e-newsletters. Or, at the very least, maybe it’s just our own e-newsletter. To celebrate our dedicated return to your email inbox (sign up here), we put together a list of some of our other favorite literary e-newsletters. With newsletters like these, who needs Twitter? (Just kidding. We love Twitter.)

1. Amelia Gray

As huge Amelia Gray fangirls, we don’t mind waiting for her quarterly e-newsletters (at the door, tails wagging, drool hanging from our jowls). Her signup page promises an email filled with grandmotherly advice, but her latest had cool book recommendations and a mini author interview—which means Amelia Gray is probably the hippest grandma out there.

2. Well Read Black Girl

Whether you already have great taste in books or are looking for some guidance, Glory Edim has you covered. Well Read Black Girl celebrates writing by black women and women of color with excellent book recommendations and NYC-area events. We highly recommend following WRBG on all of her social media channels, because you can never have enough books by black women in your news feed.

3. Lit Hub

If you haven’t subscribed to Lit Hub’s newsletter yet, you are seriously missing out. Lit Hub aggregates the biggest literary news and brings it to you every morning so you can spend the rest of the day (or at least an hour or so) at your desk, avoiding real work. Trust us—you want this email in your inbox.

4. The Thread

We wouldn’t be real Minnesotans if we weren’t super proud of our local public radio station, so it goes without saying that we love The Thread, the literary channel of MPR. We promise it’s good enough to subscribe to even if you don’t live here. Double public radio points if you subscribe to NPR Books too.

5. Catapult Saturday Slingshot

A true roundup of Catapult’s content, the Saturday Slingshot brings you a week’s worth of their own high-quality essays and fiction, plus other lit news you might have missed. Each letter includes illustrations and is written in the voice of an actual letter, making your inbox feel just a little less lonely.

6. Flavorwire

Flavorwire doesn’t stop at books—their content spans film, art, music, and more. If you’re in need of a well-rounded digest of pop culture, look no further. (Disclaimer: They think we’re pretty, so we’re biased.)

7. Signature

It only makes sense that Random House would have a side project to dispense news from its publishing kingdom, and Signature does just that. If you like the book culture of Flavorwire but don’t like art or film or music (hey, who are we to judge?), Signature is the newsletter for you.

8. The Review Review

An especially useful newsletter if you’re too overwhelmed by Twitter to keep up with all your favorite literary magazines, The Review Review keeps tabs on them so you don’t have to. From short story contests to job opportunities, TRR has all the hot lit-world gossip you’ll ever need.

9. Paper Darts

The fact that our Octolady is part Bride of Frankenstein means that we can come back from the dead whenever we want to. Our newsletter is just the latest reincarnation you’ve seen from us, but we promise there are plenty more to come. Sign up below for alerts every time a chamber of our heart jolts back to life.

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