The Strange, Feminist and Beautiful: Our AWP (Offsite) Event Roundup

The Strange, Feminist and Beautiful: Our AWP (Offsite) Event Roundup

Prince! Poetry! Oh my! The events at this year’s AWP are anything but the typical dry literary readings from your English major days in college. By now, you’ve probably had several lists of AWP events people are excited about thrust in your face or passively posted to your Twitter feed. The monotony is over! Here are our picks of AWP events tailored to our feminist friends—or for anyone who celebrates the weird and visionary in the world of literature.


Literary Death Match

Wednesday, April 8th at 7pm; Nomad World Pub

With a little more foresight, the new Vikings stadium would’ve been built in time to host the 1,000+ people who have RSVPd to see Roxane Gay (“and others,” the event listing says) read at the Loft Literary Center. The Loft can only accommodate a couple hundred people, so why not see Gay read to the death? She’s also participating in a reading to raise awareness of homeless youth.

Binders Happy Hour

Wednesday, April 8th from 5-7pm; Walker Art Center

Who could have anticipated that Mitt Romney would spearhead a new branch of feminism? Certainly not us. And while he might not have done exactly that, his unfortunate comment about “having binders full of women” in response to pay equity has produced a plethora of binders-related jokes, articles, and organizations. MN Artists is hosting a happy hour to commemorate #BindersFullOfWomen at AWP, a conference sure to be filled to the brim with binders, and (we are hoping) women as well.

Prince Purple Poetry Party AWP

Wednesday, April 8th from 10pm-1am; The Record Room, First Ave

We knew that some music-savvy person would capitalize on the location of AWP with an event in honor of the Purple Man himself. Prince Purple Poetry Party at First Ave promises to make it (purple) rain poetry. But don’t (doves) cry if poetry isn’t your thing—DJ Shannon Blowtorch is bringing the noise and the funk with an ALL-PRINCE SETLIST (caps were completely necessary). Come dressed in your favorite shade of purple, and who knows, maybe the man of the hour will make an appearance. Stranger things have happened.

The Crooked Rib?!

Thursday, April 9th from 7:30pm-10:30pm; The Common Table

Hosted by SALLI Arts & Free Black Dirt, The Crooked Rib?! promises to be one of the AWP offsite events that you won’t want to miss. Featuring POC writers, this event creates a space for women to explore the complicated intersections of their lives and work. With the likes of Samiya Bashir, Tarfia Faizullah, Ladan Osman and Solmaz Sharif, The Crooked Rib?! features a wonderfully curated mix of local and national authors whose work speaks to many of the specific politics of Minneapolis.

Mizna & the Cedar present: Arab American Soundscapes

Thursday, April 9th at 7:30pm; Cedar Cultural Center

When you stop by our booth at the book fair (1912, by the way), you’ll be introduced to Mizna, a fantastic zine about Arab-American culture. If they’re cool enough to be our booth buddies, then their event featuring an explosive lineup of music and poetry performances—Moheb Soliman, Ismael Khalidi, Glenn Shaheen, and Hedy Habra, to name a few—is a must for your busy AWP schedule.

The 2015 VIDA Awards

Thursday, April 9th at 7:30pm; Skyway Theater

One of the greatest things about the lit world is that there’s an organization devoted to keeping publishers aware of how greatly women are underrepresented. And it’s so much better now that they’re keeping tabs on diversity in publishing too. So why wouldn’t you want to be present at the first ever awards gala celebrating the accomplishments of women in publishing?

Girl Friday

Friday, April 10th from 7-9:30pm; honey MPLS

We are loving how many literary events are literally dance parties. Girl Friday is no exception to this awesome rule. Even better? All the readers are of the lady persuasion. Our Flow is Hard, WEIRD SISTER and {dancing girl press & studio} are teaming up to throw what is sure to be a gnarly feminist dance celebration that you will not want to miss.

Quaint Issue 4 AWP

Friday, April 10th from 7:30pm-1:00am; Mxdxmx

We have long been a fan of Quaint Magazine, a publication that revels in the weirdness of genius and highlights the writing of women and non-binary contributors. Join them on Friday for the release of their fourth issue—a publication that will undoubtedly feature writers who you will continue to hear about in years to come. An added bonus? You can be the cool kid who read it first.  

EQ at AWP Supershow

Friday, April 10th at 9pm; The Loft

This year during AWP, the Loft is not messing around. Featuring events with the likes of Roxane Gay, they know what the literary world wants and they are giving it to them. EQ at AWP, hosted by Equilibrium, their running series that promotes spoken word to build communities in and between communities of color, is an example of this. Featuring Patricia Smith (who is also headlining Prince Purple Poetry Party) and Regie Cabico, this is sure to be a dynamic night of spoken word, community building, and fun.

AWP or Bust!

AWP or Bust!

Amoratorium is ready for the world

Amoratorium is ready for the world