Join our ranks!

Join our ranks!


We are making way for more misfits of the  art + lit world to join our ranks. Together, we want to publish content that will give those traditional, highbrow gatekeepers nightmares. If you have an unabating love for short fiction, or if you have a vision for a new era of visual art, apply to be on our staff. 


We want to co-create job descriptions for each new staff member. Your role here will be built to suit your very own special snowflake skillset. However, there are some general responsibilities all staff members share. Here are things we would like you to know about the role before enlisting:


This is a minimum of a one-year commitment with opportunity to extend involvement. All positions at Paper Darts are volunteer.

General Responsibilities:

  • A commitment to work at least ten hours per week
  • Evaluate submission queries from new writers through Submittable and make recommendations to editors
  • Attend cultural and literary events to seek out new writers and readers
  • Regular scouring of the Internet, culture blogs, and other literary journals to find new writers, then presenting recommendations to all staff
  • Research strategies to increase submissions, readership, and visibility
  • Provide Paper Darts online with original content such as blogs, reviews, articles, and interviews.

Qualified Candidates Will Have:

  • Excellent written and organizational skills
  • A stupid strong love for reading
  • A militant drive to get people to read short fiction and contemplate art
  • A deep appreciation for cultural competency
  • A longing to hang around with a bunch of feminist book lovers
  • Extensive knowledge of the literary magazine landscape and familiarity with popular culture blogs and emerging writers
  • Previous experience with editorial departments and publishing
  • Laptop and easy access to Internet (80 percent of communication is through email)
  • Crush on Paper Darts’ content and tone
  • Note: Applicants do not need to reside in Minnesota

Deadline: 3/9/2015

Click here to apply

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