Blog o' Blogs: Best Literary Tumblrs

Blog o' Blogs: Best Literary Tumblrs

Alyssa Bluhm

I write this blog post knowing full well that the only Tumblr you really need to follow to get a healthy dose of popular art and lit is Paper Darts. However, for those who are into that variety-is-the-spice-of-life thing and want more than one tentacle of our Octolady clogging their homepage, here is a chili-bowl of blogs for your pleasure:

1. Dude in Publishing

Essentially the reaction-gif blog of the publishing world, Dude in Publishing is like the popular kid in high school everyone wanted to be friends with ("Maybe if I follow him I'll get a job in publishing, too!"). But since employment isn't likely to rub off on blog followers, this post about how to make it on your own might be helpful.

P.S. Anyone who loves breakfast this much is worth a follow. You go, DiP, you go.


2. Incorrect Sylvia Plath Quotes

As Abraham Lincoln once said, "The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never know if they are genuine." This especially applies to Sylvia Plath, whose poetry inspired many songs, including the one from the '90s that goes, "Whoop, there it is."

3. Googly Eye Books

They put googly eyes on book covers, because this is the internet.


4. Literary Jukebox

This blog pairs a quote from a book with a song. Genius, right? It's kind of like Slaughterhouse 90210, except you don't have to feel left out when you've never seen the TV show.

5. Tattoo Lit

This blog might be an inspirational resource for anyone looking to get literary ink, or anyone looking for which clichéd tattoos not to get (hint: typewriter fonts), or for people who don't want tattoos but still think it's cool when people devote a whole sleeve to Harry Potter 

6. The Final Sentence

Let's be real—who has time to finish books anymore? Learn all you need to know about a book just by reading the last sentence. Warning: spoilers ahead.


7. Google Poetics

You know how people are always talking about how art is in those silly, everyday things we always take for granted? Google's search suggestions is one of them, and sometimes it makes for some good poetry. 

8. Ultimate Writing Resource List

There are probably a few versions of this list floating around, but every writer should have easy access to a comprehensive list of literally every piece of writing advice on the internet.

The Poetry of Queer Theory: A Reading Guide

The Poetry of Queer Theory: A Reading Guide

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