The Adventures of Linkspam

These pieces have been all over the art internet lately.

1. Painted Gradients Create Shocking Illusions of Space
At first I thought my computer had been transported back to the 1950s, but then I realized it was just Benedict Morgan up to his old tricks.

2. 14 Magical Rounds Of Harry Potter "F@#K, Marry, Kill"
I don’t see how there are wrong answers in this quiz, especially when it comes to doing anything but killing Neville, but it’s genius anyway.

3. Illustrations by Alejandrina Herrera
Way to combine Gulliver’s Travels-esque drawings with crazy detail and geometric shapes, Alejandrina.

4. Hand-painted Flipbooks Turn Animated Birds Into Home Décor
These flipbooks put your childhood Captain Underpants books to shame. Plus, you don’t have to tire your hand out trying to flip it yourself.

5. 10 Unexpected Philosopher Portraits In The Styles Of Famous Artists
Teen magazines take note, “What style of art matches your personal philosophy?” is exactly the kind of personality quiz kids need more of these days.

6. The Glue Society Imagines an Art Movement Centered on Excess Called “Moreing”
The satire behind this project is entertaining enough, but now I really want to shoot hoops on a basketball tree.

7. Incredible Wood Sculptures Boast Bold Blocks of Color
The detail in these sculptures is so intricate and beautiful, I can’t even believe that a chainsaw aided in the process of making them.

8. Pictures of Fast Food, Captured Using a Flatbed Scanner
This could potentially inspire a new diet fad: the Only-Eat-Food-That-Looks-Good-Scanned diet.

9. The Provocative Embroidery of Ana Teresa Barboza
In the most profound depiction of suffering I’ve ever seen, embroidered characters pull out their own threads to express their pain.

10. Uncanny Aerial and Fashion Photography Mashups by Joseph Ford
Finding similarities between views out of an airplane window and clothing is both bizarre and brilliant.

By Alyssa Bluhm, Marketing Assistant and bed bug

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