The Art of Linkspamming

Look no further, all you need to know about popular art this week is right here.

01. The infinity sand sculpture by Carl Jara
The amount of detail in this sculpture is impressive, but it also makes me want to sit in the palm of a giant sand hand.

02. Revealed: A book the size of a ladybug
This library with over 4,000 mini books is still probably smaller than your Kindle.

03. 600 octopi made from recycled newspaper by Natsuko Kogure
This consortium of octopi looks like an army of papier mâché art projects made by a very talented group of elementary school kids.

04. Crazy illustrations of what actually is going on inside the body
Based on these illustrations, come the time of the state fair, my insides will be 100 percent cheese curd. Does the Mayo Clinic know about this yet?

05. The Hipster Logo Design Guide by Tim Delger
All of the elements you need to make a logo completely unique, just like all the others.

06. Film: Pacific Light
I like to imagine that the creation of the universe was also this brightly colored and set to Enya-esque music.

07. The Fifty United Plates
“Collect all 50!” is a really intimidating slogan, but who wouldn’t want to bake fifty pies in the shape of all the American states?

08. Eric Joyner, “First World Problems”
Whenever you’re having a bad day, just remember that the biggest first world problem is not being able to eat your donuts. 

09. 28 LEGO Librarians
This array of LEGO librarians is so amazing it might actually dethrone Star Wars LEGOs.

10. Beer labels in motion by Trevor Carmick
Beer label gifs. Need I say more?

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