These pieces have been popping up a lot lately.

01. Magic Beard: A Stop-Motion Video of Amazing Beard Tricks by Ben Garvin
When vegetables start growing out of your beard, that’s a good sign it’s time to shave.

02. A Neglected Railroad Underpass Illuminated by Artist Bill FitzGibbons
The best way to make a creepy abandoned railroad un-creepy? Install a bunch of flashy LED lights.

03. Floor Installations Made of Mirrors, Crystals, and Glass by Suzan Drummen
Why play with a toy kaleidoscope when you could walk around inside one?

04. Well-Dressed Animals Convey Human Characteristics
Sometimes animals are more human than humans are. This is one of those times.

05. The Funnel Tunnel Snakes its Way Through the Streets of Houston
Houston has been invaded by this giant, slithering…sculpture.

06. Unique Rorschach Tests with Various Foods
Nine out of ten psychologists believe that if you see patterns in ketchup smudges you are probably hungry.

07. Internet Browsers Transformed Into Fashion Models
Have patience with your web browser—it’s just striking a pose.

08. The Secret Story of TOYS
Is it really as fun as it sounds to be a toymaker? The long answer: of course. The short answer: DUH.

09. Artist Crush: Alex Roulette
Psych! These better-than-life photos are actually paintings.

10. Tokyo Museum Hosts Interactive Haunted Art Playhouse
This art museum is haunted…by the not-dead children who visit it.

By Alyssa Bluhm, Marketing Assistant and former sixth member of the Spice Girls

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