Dreaming of Autoptic

If you were not at Autoptic, you should have been. But don't worry, we brought back some treasures for you. If you were there, you may have been overwhlemed. We certainly were. It was difficult to navigate the sexy sea of beauty without feeling lots of feels. Each table represented a impressive amount of talent and hard work. Passing table after table, Paper Darts was proud to witness many powerful unions of storytelling and drawing. We want to say thank you to everyone there yesterday for getting us all hot and bothered about the possiblities of art + lit.



Lilly Carré

My apologies to Lara Park and Lilly Carré for behaving like a starstruck teenager. It was really more of a lovestruck thing. So in love.


King Mini

Long live the King of Minneapolis.


Kevin Huizenga

Gorgeous work. And perfect noses.


Laura Park

Again, many apologies to Lara Park and Lilli Carré for behaving like a starstruck teenager. Ugh. So good.


Deeply regret leaving without purchasing a Sonnenzimmer. Shame. We will do so now.


A new Austin-based lit+ comics magazine. Paper Darts just might have to propose.
Wedding will be held at the next Autoptic. (Cover by Jim Rugg)

Jim Rugg

Foxing was smart to snag Mr. Rugg for their cover. The man is good. We want him too!


Annie Mok

This little book will be archived in the Paper Darts treasure trove of excellent design examples. So beautiful, holding it makes you want to cry. James Joyce has NEVER been so sexy.


Marnie Galloway

This woman is responsible for one of my favorite purchases from the day:

"The Assassin’s Élan: Four Presidents, Their Assassins & The Hair Styles that Brought Them to Greatness," by M Galloway. Buy your copy today.


Leigh Luna

A very youg, very talented artist with a perfect name. We will be watching closely.



Guys, it was amazing. The following people are too talented for words... Only big fonts and exclamation points can describe our feelings.


!!Elenor Davis!!!

Lisa Hanawalt !!!!!!!!!!


!!!!!!!!!! Domitille Collardey !!!!!!!!!!


And so many more. Like, sooooo many more.


Pinner Palette: Gold

How Should A Person Be?