Persistence of Linkspam

We find what’s trending in the art world so you don’t have to.

1. Yearbook of Type
This catalogue of all the best fonts and their applications raises the question: would they sign your yearbook in their own font?

2. Wedding dress created entirely out of LEGO
Made only for the tamest of bridezillas and people wishing to fulfill childhood fantasies.

3. How to flower bomb a car
Latest in the “Make art not war” campaign is randomly filling a friend’s car with flowers. They can deal with their allergies later.

4. Miniature cities drawn inside abstract paintings
Tiny cities and big emotions: both are dangers things to get lost in.

5. Photos that reveal the hidden nature of depression when turned upside down
These ambigrams are a clever—albeit somber—way to share an important message through advertising.

6. Artist crush: Joan Linder
Why would you want to look at your own dirty dishes when these drawings of them are way prettier?

7. Wood and Pulp pairs materials and artists in kaleidoscopic images
Wood and pulp are very different materials, but as an art exhibition, they work together to make some seriously trippy art.

8. Smart billboards
Not just billboards, these advertisements are also benches, ramps, and bus shelters. What are they advertising? Intelligence. Go Figure.

9. A digitally printed room with 80 million surfaces
All those surfaces and not a single place to set down a drink and coaster.

10. Matt W. Moore: Tile Collection
Each tile is a work of art in itself, but even better is the maze-like pattern they form when put together.


Alyssa Bluhm, Marketing Assistant and pale in the summer, too

Pinner Palette: Transparent

thirty two takes on the Paper Darts Pop-Up Storefront