The Linkspammer's Guide to the Galaxy

A handy list of everything you need to know about the art world this week.

01. In Focus: Meryl Pataky's "Cellar Door"
Neon art is so hip right now, and nature has always been a hip art form—so here's an ultra-hip mash up of the two.

02. Lifestyle photos featuring Wookiees
The verdict is in—it's not blondes or brunettes who have more fun, it's Wookiees.

03. "Basilicas" by Adrian Johnson
Among the similarities between cameras and cathedrals that I never noticed until now is beautiful design. Actually, that's probably the only similarity.

04. Clay pop art by Alexandra Bruel
I’ve never cared for bananas, but the bling and bright colors on this one are almost making me see the appeal (pun!).

05. An elephant-octopus mural in London by Alexis Diaz
Meet the OctoElephant, the semi-distant relative of Paper Darts’ own OctoLady. (Kudos to Brandon Boat for being the first bring this beast to our attention.)

06. Bookstore chain helps you sleep with your favorite book characters
Promiscuous headline aside, I would definitely feel safer at night with Gandalf by my side to fend off the monsters under my bed.

07. Art by Kyle Bean
This sponge anvil may seem like a novel idea, but the Looney Tunes have secretly been using them for years in stunt scenes. The more you know!

8. Penguin street art series
People keep talking about how book publishing is a changing industry, but this marketing scheme is a sign it's heading in the right direction.

09. The inside of a golf ball does not look like what you think it does
Probably the only way to make golf seem interesting is to turn it into art—but I guess it's been art all along.

10. Trash to Treasure: Hollie Paxton's jewelry collection
Just as fashion trends recycle, so do recycled objects become a fashion trend.

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