The Lion, the Witch and the Linkspam

Here is what has been buzzing in the art community lately.

1. Installations and public art by Clemens Behr
These pieces pimp out the streets of Berlin by leeching on to walls, fountains, stairs, and even people.

2. Graveyard Girls: A shoot with a DIY dam, water, milk, and flour-covered ladies
These people are so good at pretending to be statues that even Medusa is jealous.

3. Chandeliers made with recycled bicycle parts fill an underpass with light
These disco ball-like chandeliers add comfort to one of the unlikeliest places: an underpass.

4. Powerfully political art made from food
Art made of candy that you’re actually encouraged to eat? I’m sold.

5. Patricia Piccinini’s incredible skywhale hot air balloon
What do you get when you combine a turtle, fish, and boobs? A rejected Star Wars character. Or, you know, this hot air balloon.

6. The Simpsons + Akira = Bartkira, AKA the greatest comic art project ever
Artist James Harvey inserted characters from The Simpsons into the Akira storyline and boom, a legend was born.

7. Photographer Lonneke Van Der Palen's alternative holiday snaps
With a title like “Memories of a journey never made,” I think these photos need to be made into postcards.

8. Photos of recipe ingredients arranged into well-balanced meals…literally
Get schooled on how to create balanced meals by Elena Mora ( with the help of the most literal pun to date.

9. Wooden by Antoni Tudisco
These complex graphics of simple objects are arresting—and even a little bit tasty.

10. Baptiste Debombourg creates a frozen river of cracked windshields
At first I thought this gallery is flooding. Then I questioned everything I knew about chemistry. Seriously, glass and water are the same here.

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