An Infinity Loop of Thank Yous

It's been one week since the Paper Darts Volume Five/Reframed: Graphics & GIFS/Paper Darts Pop-Up Launch Party and we're STILL recovering. But like, in the best way. Our knees are still weak. Our eyes are still foggy. And we're still in heaven thinking about how many of you came out to support Paper Darts last Friday. Seriously, we're all wrapped up in a warm cocoon of lurve.

We'd like to once again thank our readers—Joe Midthun, Carl Atiya Swanson, Jami Jerome, Justin Schuetz, and Sweetpea—and Black Diet for rocking and rolling so hard, making us worry that we won't ever be able to throw a party that could possibly top this one.

Enjoy our official photos of the event by Lars Kommienezuspadt  below. We encourage you to post yours all over Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and ye olde Facebook and tag us with #PDPopUp!

Make sure to swing by the Paper Darts Pop-Up again before Wednesday, June 26 to get one last looksee at the awesome GIF art before we switch over to the comic exhibition Excimer, featuring artists from AUTOPTIC, the upcoming festival of independent visual culture. Don't forget to purchase volume 5!


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